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Our Future, Our RIGHT NOW!


No matter how much our kids get on our nerves…They are OUR KIDS! We must love them and protect them from harm. When I was growing up on the Eastside, being a kid was the best thing in the world. My brothers and I used to walk through the woods along the creek, searching for new adventures. In school, I used to play with my friends and perform in school plays. We went with our grandmother to church on Sundays and every summer we played at the Eastside Boys & Girls Club. As I sit here typing this article, my eyes are filled with tears for the 4-year-old boy who was shot to death by cowards in a drive-by last week. The little boy was asleep in his bed at the time it happened.

Now once again, the Eastside community will be in an uproar for about two weeks, with opportunists in the Promise Zone taking advantage and profiting from our pain. People will get on their pulpits and soapboxes and give EMPTY Promises about “coming together for Peace” but won’t “come together” to rid Our Community of criminals who kill kids! SO MANY parents in San Antonio are living in pain because their child’s killers have never been caught. It’s hard to forgive when the criminals get to walk around FREE and the police treat the victims more like criminals than the actual criminals. How can a community remain peaceful when the killers are still free and out in the sunshine? How can we protect our kids from being innocently shot and killed by foolish adults who don’t love themselves? As a Community, We MUST step UP and speak OUT against those that harm Our Community! We must protect Our Kids from harm! They are not only “our future”, they are our “RIGHT NOW!”

Please take the Time to Love and appreciate Our Kids today! They need U more than ever now!

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