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At SUIT UP The World LLC, we strive to empower the participants to make their dreams come true. We believe that the power of dreams can bridge the gap between the present and the future. Our organization provides young adults with resources, knowledge, and guidance to help them achieve their goals and live meaningful lives. We offer educational resources, mentorship, job coaching, and assistance with financial aid forms and post-secondary school/trade registration. We also provide computer and financial literacy classes and

work clothing assistance. Our partnership with Ready To Work has enabled us to expand our services and provide wraparound services to our participants to help them stay encouraged in their chosen career paths.



Week 1: Orientation
Introductions 

Celebration Shield 

How to Present Yourself in Public 

Role Play (First Impressions)

Week 2: How You View Yourself
Self-Image 

Role Play (Mirror Minder)
Building Confidence

Week 3: Social Media and Social Issues

Employment  & Social Media 

Week 4: Conflict Resolution

Employers/Employees 


Week 5: Healthy Living
Eat to Live (Cooking Demonstration) 

Formal Etiquettes of Dining

Week 6: Time Management
Time Management

Learn to Iron

Week 7: Getting Hired
Filling out Applications 

Taking the Interview 
Getting Hired

Week 8: Certifications (Industry Approved)

Microsoft Office Suite


     Career Workshop




Week 9: Financial Literacy

Banking Basics

Managing Credit and Debt


Week 10: Taxes: 1040 & Schedule C
Employment &
 Filing Taxes

Week 11: Putting It All Together

Final Tests & Assessments

Week 12: Graduation


*SUIT UP! will perform a 6-month follow-up for each participant

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